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The Francis Cooke Society was formed in 2003 to honor and perpetuate the memory of Francis Cooke, and to assist descendants of Francis Cooke in acquiring acceptable proofs of lineage. The Society was reorganized in 2019 with a new Board of Directors and the society's name was changes to the Pilgrim Francis Cooke Society to more closely align with the GSMD Mayflower Society Families.

Francis Cooke (c. 1583 - 1663) was a Leiden Separatist who came to the “New England” on the Mayflower in 1620, and was a signer of the Mayflower Compact. His origins and parentage are still unknown.

Francis married Hester Mahieu in Leiden, Holland around July 20, 1603.
Francis and Hester Cooke had seven children; John, Jane, Elizabeth, Jacob, Hester, Mary, and an unknown child. The birth order is uncertain.

Francis arrived with their oldest son John accompanying him on Mayflower, while Hester and the other children followed them to Plymouth in 1623 on the ship Anne. Francis died April 7, 1663 and was buried on Burial Hill in Plymouth. Hester out lived Francis and died after June 8, 1666 and was buried on Burial Hill in Plymouth.


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