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The 6th and 7th Generations Project: Administrated by Dianna Saario


Researching the sixth and seventh generations of Francis Cooke including the 8th generation children and their spouse.
We will not include any living persons for publication.
All approved Mayflower members who are descendants of Pilgrim Francis Cooke are encouraged to send a copy of their GSMD approved membership application (with notations), or to send their information including notes and sources for the 6th, 7th and 8th generations to Society Genealogist Dianna Saario.





The Pilgrim Francis Cooke Society DNA Project

The FamilyTreeDNA Projects create opportunities for people to work with others to explore their common genetic heritage.
The Pilgrim Francis Cooke Society encourages its members to participate in the PFCS FamilyTreeDNA project.
Membership is free and voluntary. Members may join or leave a project at any time.

If you are interested in joining the Pilgrim Francis Cooke Society DNA Project, this is the link to the website,  PFCS DNA Project
If you would like assistance or further information about the PFCS FamilyTreeDNA project, please contact the DNA Project Administrator,  Mike Terry




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